As you can imagine, hair loss can be a touchy subject for us men.

When it comes to advertising our scalp micropigmentation hair loss solution we have to get creative with how we approach potential clients so as to not offend anyone.

At Renovo Hair Clinic we thought what better way to discover a solution to hair loss than from a close friend, and for your time and effort we are happy to offer you £50 in cash to spend on whatever you like!


Refer a friend to us who suffers from any type of hair loss, once they complete their first treatment we will send you £50 in cash, it really is that simple. Just fill in our ‘Contact Us‘ form and mark the subject as Referral, include your friends name in the message and tell your friend to mention your name in their first appointment.

What’s more, you can refer as many friends as you like!

Your friend can enjoy a life with new hair and confidence, and you can buy a new outfit!

refer a friend