Scalp Micropigmentation Treatments Birmingham – Renovo Hair Clinic Now Open

By Renovo Hair Clinic - 05/08/2017 Renovo Hair Clinic Birmingham Now Open!   We are pleased to announce the opening of our second Renovo Hair Clinic location in Birmingham City Centre making it even easier for our clients to get access to our truly life changing Scalp Micropigmentation treatment.   Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) offers [...]


RENOVO REFERRAL SCHEME As you can imagine, hair loss can be a touchy subject for us men. When it comes to advertising our scalp micropigmentation hair loss solution we have to get creative with how we approach potential clients so as to not offend anyone. At Renovo Hair Clinic we thought what better way to discover a [...]

Buzz Cut – The Get Up And Go Hairstyle

by RENOVO HAIR CLINIC BUZZ CUT THE GET UP AND GO HAIRSTYLE The Buzz cut is a very low maintenance hairstyle which features short hair all around. Buzz cuts are usually undertaken by using electric clippers or shavers which are used to "Buzz" your hair to one short length all round. For many, hair styling can [...]

How a Hair Tattoo Truly Changed My Life – Scalp Micropigmentation

by RENOVO HAIR CLINIC HAIR LOSS SOLUTIONS When I first began to experience hair loss, In a way I was one of the luckier ones as I've always kept my hair quite short and cropped. So when my local barber mentioned in my ear that my hair was thinning I brushed the comment off and just replied [...]

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